Brief History of CFHC

The Ceylon Fishery Harbors Corporation (CHFC) was established in 1972 and is primary responsible for delivering quality fishery-harbour related services and providing the fishing community with modern infrastructure and facilities .Since inception the corporation has developed year-by-year and recently adopted an exicting development plan, which is in line with the Sri Lankan government’s overall development plan. The CHFC’s development plan outlines a range of proposed projects: amongst the suggested action points are those relating to both managements of the Cooperation and its business development strategy. It is expected the successful completion of this plan will help the Sri Lankan fishing industry to complete effectively with other prominent fishing-oriented countries in the region

Since its inception the CHFC has focused its effects on improving the standards of fishing for local fishermen.Necessity has prompted the fishery harbour initiaon and Expansion programme, Thotupola Aruna. Under this programme several steps are to be taken to upgrade existing harbours, to build new fishery harbours and to develop new business opportunities. It is expected that as part of the Fishery harbour initiation and Expansion programmed , Thotupola Aruna, the Corporation will begin to examine the feasibility of new ventures and opportunities. These new ventures include Marinas and the development of marine-related sporting and leisure activities, such as diving, whale and Dolphin watching. In addition, the increased efficiencies to be achieved by implementing new technology are clear. This has led to the introduction of the enterprise Resource Planning for the CHFC and a communication system for the harbours in addition to a Vessel Monitoring System which is expected to facilitate the CHFC’s role as the fundamental resource of the Sri Lankan fisheries industry and as a facilitator of the region’s maritime enterprise  

Major Resources

1.Land      -                   Lands,Harbours

2.Capital   -                  Funds    -Treasury,Donors,Harbour Fees


3. Staff      -                  Managerial

4. Divisions -                Mechanical Engineering Division
                                      Supplies Division
                                      Finance Division
                                      Administration Division
                                      Legal Division
                                      Civil Engineering Division
                                      Harbour Operation Division
                                      Security Division
                                      Internal Audit Division
                                      IT Division
                                      Marcketing Division
                                      Transport Division