Capital Dredging

Maintenance Dredging

Land Reclamation

Beach Nourishment

Supported Equiments

“Nil Diyawara" Dredging Unit
“Nil Diyawara "Dredging Unit Of Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation was established in 28th August 2008 to provide dredging services to all Fishery Harbours around the country.

It is not only involved in capital dredging but also works towards deepening of existing harbors and maintenance dredging (it is the process of removing the accumulated material in the existing ports and harbors) at various Fishery Harbours with the objective of creation of deeper water to improve navigation. "Nil Diyawara dredging Unit" consists of a total of 4 dredgers (One Grab hopper dredger and Three Cutter suction dredgers).

Nil Diyawara Dredger

Capital Dredging

Capital dredging carried out to create a new harbour, berth or waterway, or to deepen existing facilities in order to allow larger ships access. Because capital works usually involve hard material or high-volume works, the work is usually done using a cutter suction dredges Capital dredging can also be defined as, “the removal from beneath water and rising through water or soil, rock or debris to create a greater depth than had previously existed”.

Under Nil Diyawara Dredging program Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation had done a contract with ADB to dredge Valachcheni Lagoon with the New Dredger Damen CSD 200

Ruhunuputha Dredger Sayuru Dredger  




Maintenance Dredging

Maintenance dredging to deepen or maintain navigable waterways or channels which are threatened to become silted with the passage of time, due to sedimented sand and mud, possibly making them too shallow for navigation. This is often carried out with a cutter suction hopper dredge. Most dredging is for this purpose.

Dreding is done with Sayuru(Selfpropelled hopper dredger), Ruhunuputha(Grab hopper dredger), Weligouwa (Cutter suction dredger )And Salapura Kinduri (Cutter suction dredger)

Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation dredges all the fishery harbours throught out the year together with USAID and Doc Yard.


Weligouwa Dredger

Land Reclamation

Land reclamation dredging to mine sand, clay or rock from the seabed and using it to construct new land elsewhere. This is typically performed by a cutter-suction dredge or trailing suction hopper dredge.

Salapurakinduri Dredger




Beach Nourishment

Beach nourishment: mining sand offshore and placing on a beach to replace sand eroded by storms or wave action. This is done to enhance the recreational and protective function of the beaches, which can be eroded by human activity or by storms. This is typically performed by a cutter-suction dredge or trailing suction hopper dredge.

It has dredged successfully in Hikkaduwa Fishery Harbour.



Supported Dredging Equiments

Mobile Crane
JCB Wheel Loader
Komatsu Wheel Loader
KATO Mobile Crane
QY 50K Truck Crane
PC 400 Excavator.
I)Ruhunuputha Grab hopper dredger
Hopper capacity 200 m3
Presently operational


Selfpropelled Hopper Dredger
Length - 48.13 meters
Breadth - 11.50 meters
Depth - 3.40 meters
Gross Tonage - 624 Ton
Nett tonage - 188 Ton
Bucket Capacity - 300 m3


Cutter suction dredger
Capacity 100 m3 / Per hour

IV)Salapura Kinduri

Cutter suction dredger
Capacity 100 m3 / Per hour

V)Nil Diyawara Dredger

Modle Damen CSD 200

Capacity 100 m3 / Per hour